Renaming Getting Started and General Game Design?

I seem to recall this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find the thread. Anyway, the “Getting Started and General Game Design” board is getting a lot of posts that should belong to the “Inform 6 and 7 development” board instead. I think people are interpreting the “getting started” part to mean that if they have just recently started programming they should post their questions there.

If this lowers the barrier to ask questions, that’s great, but the small librarian in me dies a little every time a post is miscategorized. It also makes searching for old threads a bit harder when you have to go through two boards. Would it be reasonable to drop the “getting started” part and just call it “General Game Design”?

Sounds good to me.

Are you certain it’s not from the stomach acids? (sorry, couldn’t resist, carry on)

I like it. We might also petition for a little more active moving of threads, if that’s a possibility.


Agreed. Or at least put up a stickied post on that board telling people to post Inform questions on the Inform board (and TADS questions on the TADS board, etc.), and move posts that still end up on the wrong board?

This is probably overkill… Anyone who comes to the forum finds sections called “General”, “Playing”, “Authoring”… and in the authoring section, there are very, very visible TADS and Inform boards. If people post in the wrong board, they’ll probably still post in the wrong board if there is a sticky.

I don’t see anything wrong with moving, though. In the AGS forums, which I visited very frequently, an overkill was rather necessary, and every board had a sticky saying what sort of things were meant for this board, and what sort of things weren’t - and what sort of things would be better in THIS or THAT board. If a post was mis-cathegorized, it was simply moved - the original thread locked, with a courteous message saying that the topic had been moved, and linking to the new topic. Zero fuss.

I’ve moved all the Inform threads on the first page into the I6/I7 board.

If you notice a post is mis-categorized, please flag it as off-topic. Moving them is a quick and painless process.