Removing the status line

I just came across this line of code in Edward Griffiths’ extension ‘Adventure Book’:

Rule for constructing the status line: do nothing.

Does this single line of code negate the need for Emily Short’s extension ‘Removing the status line’?

Looking through Emily’s source code, it seems to target very different things. (None of which I really understand. I’m guessing she goes after some kind of draw facilities in Glulx…maybe?)

Is there a substantial difference between them? Or will both work in all major IF terps? Is there a better way?

The code you quote from Adventure Book doesn’t get rid of the status line, it just prevents anything from being printed to it.

Emily’s extension uses two different techniques to kill the status line, one for z-code and one for glulx. If you want the status line gone (not just empty of text), you’ll have to use that extension (or one of the others that can also remove it–Flexible Windows or Glulx Status Window Control).

The glulx code in her extension simply returns true when the library calls the InitGlkWindow routine for the status window, essentially telling the library not to create it.


Thanks for the explanation, Erik.