Removing the Headings

Looking for a way to remove the Heading that pops up after the player types anything in. For example if I type

The Car is a room

everytime the player does anything in that room the heading “The Car” appears no matter what. I would like to keep the headings for organizational purposes just for myself as the author, but would like to remove them from view from the player.

Also looking for a way to change the font in the game window

I’m not exactly certain what you’re trying to do or what development system you’re trying to do it in. Is this Inform 7? If so, those aren’t headings, those are room names, which are displayed so the player knows where they are. If you don’t want them displayed for whatever reason, you’d use:

The car is a room. The printed name of the car is "".

Headings are different than rooms. I do hide the room name in a single room in one of my current works in progress. But I do it for only that room and for a reason. I’m not sure how well players would take to never being told where they are, especially if they’re using automapping. Not saying you shouldn’t do it. Just from what I’ve seen on the forums and newsgroups, people don’t enjoy having the traditional elements of the games taken away from them, even for design reasons or if it makes sense to do so.

Also, what kind of font changes are you trying to make? Are you trying to change the typeface or are you trying to change italics/bold/color/et cetera?

Awesome! That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Ideally I’d like the room name to appear only when they enter the room but that’s just my personal aesthetic preference and I appreciate your advice to leave it be. Changing the typeface in the game window is also just for aesthetic purposes, for myself

Are you talking about “The Car” appearing at the very top of the window? That’s called the status line; section 17.21 discusses how to change it, and there’s an extension or two dealing with it (if you want to remove it completely, there’s at least one extension called Status Line Removal or whatnot).

I wasn’t quite sure, because “The Car” shouldn’t appear after absolutely everything; if you have code like this (untested):

The Garage is a room. "A garage with a car in it." The Car is inside from The Garage. "You're sitting in a car. It doesn't seem to have an ignition though."

then “The Car” shouldn’t appear after everything you do in that room, only after you enter it or look or some such. So:

Apologies if this isn’t what you’re talking about. And I4L is right – if you never want to let the player see the room name, just set the printed names to “”.

(By the way, my code is horrible. Implementing the car as a separate room yields atrocities like:

In this case, you’d want to make the car an enterable container.)

If you want to have room headings appear when the player walks into a room, but not when they type LOOK, this is how you do it:

This will mean that the very first room description, on the first turn, will not have a heading, because that description is generated by this rule:

You’ll have to replace that rule if you want it to behave differently.

(edit: okay, looking back I’m really not sure if that’s what you meant, but I’m not quite sure what you did mean.)