Removing the game start text.

I remember reading it somewhere, but how do you remove

Game Name
An Interactive Fiction by Halkun
Release 1 / Serial number 130430 / Inform 7 build 6G60 (I6/v6.32 lib 6/12N) SD

So that it doesn’t print that when you start the game. I remember it having to do with the library card or something.

See Example 368: Bikini Atoll.

You should be careful with this, since it could also remove the banner from the version command.

I did this in an idiosyncratic way…

[code]When play begins: end the story.

When play ends:
If the story has not ended finally:
resume the story;[/code]
This will prevent the banner from printing without affecting the version command, but if you want to be able to actually end the story non-finally as normally expected you might have to set a global variable to differentiate an actual ending from a banner-suppressing fake ending. EDIT: This will also suppress the opening room description so you’ll have to trigger a look action manually before resuming the story.

Note the main reason I did it this way is because I already wanted the first thing that happens to be the ‘end of the story’ effect, for creative reasons, so suppressing the banner as well was just sort of a ridealong effect.

This subject also came up in this topic, and there were multiple solutions proposed there; you might want to have a look at it.

I just did this:

Rule for printing the banner text: do nothing.

Thanks for the warning on the version command. I’ll remove that later :slight_smile:

I think one of the few things prohibited by the i7 distribution licence is removing the version command – I could be wrong.

Huh, isn’t that… interesting.

Looks like I’ll put putting that info on the title screen under the start and continue menu options. (Like the old SNES license banners). Having a “version” command will be really inappropriate for my game-play mechanic. (Other “system” like commands such as undo, save and load are going to be moved out from the command line as well.)

The game is more “Visual Novel” than “Interactive Fiction”. It’s actually a mix of both. Many functions have been moved to game option panels. I’m actually still up in the air if I’m going to use save points or not. Depends on the narrative flow.

Considering you’re changing the UI and the parser I do have to wonder what advantages Inform 7 still has for you. :wink:

Alternate method:
Would changing the condition for the rule from Bikini atoll to “when (initial room) is unvisted” work?

When I’m done with the new 'terp and move back into I7 space, you’ll see. Heck I already have I7 understanding Japanese with Unicode auto-fill. I like to push things until they fall over.

Wait till you see the FMV cut scenes :stuck_out_tongue:

You can stop the version text from being affected by printing the banner text rules by adding this.

[spoiler][code]Include (-

[ Banner;
if (action == ##Version || ForActivity(PRINTING_BANNER_TEXT_ACT) == false) {
print (string) Story;
print (string) Headline;
#ifdef Story_Author;
print " by ", (string) Story_Author;
#endif; ! Story_Author
print " / Inform 7 build ", (string) NI_BUILD_COUNT, " ";
print “(I6/v”; inversion;
print " lib ", (string) LibRelease, ") ";
print “S”;
#Ifdef DEBUG;
print “D”;
#Endif; ! DEBUG

-) instead of “Banner” in “Printing.i6t”.[/code][/spoiler]

You can then use the phrase “consider the announce the story file version rule” to display the version text.

Hope this helps.

There’s an easy way in Inform 7 to set aside the banner text for exclusive use by the VERSION command:

For printing the banner text when not requesting the story file version: do nothing.