Removing an entire rulebook without a procedural rule

I have a WIP that does this:

[code]A procedural rule (this is the eliminate looking rule):
ignore the carry out looking rules.

A procedural rule (this is the eliminate the does the player mean rule):
ignore the does the player mean rules.[/code]

Is there a way to delist entire rulebooks that doesn’t use (deprecated) procedural rules?


You might want to do something more advanced where it’s actually necessary to not have the rules listed, but for most purposes you can skip all rules in a rulebook with:

[code]First carry out looking rule:
rule succeeds.

First does the player mean rule:
rule succeeds.[/code]

Thanks, that will work just fine for me. (As a general replacement for this aspect of the functionality of procedural rules, though, it does seem a bit hacky. I wonder if this is a situation where a new, special syntax to remove rulebooks might be needed.)