Removing a Disambig Report

So, I had to use vocablikelihood to seperate an object from nigh-identical scenery – think one nondescript chicken in a store full of them. It works, but looks like this now:

Is there a way of removing that bit in the parentheses? I just think it’s kind of ugly and unnecessary in this context.

You can use the action’s verify() routine for this. vocabLikelihood tells the parser what to do in the event of ambiguity; verify can remove the ambiguity outright, by presenting one object as vastly more appropriate than another.

redbook: Thing 'book' 'RED BOOK' "A red book. "
	dobjFor(Examine) {
		verify() { nonObvious; }

bluebook: Thing 'book' 'BLUE BOOK' "A blue book. "

Ah, thanks. ^^