remotecontrol about player

new day new problems

is it possible to be in one part of the Story and tacking control about a person in another part of the story?
but still beeing the original person

If you want to give commands to other NPCs like BOB, GO WEST, look up “persuasion” in the manual. If you want to, say give commands psychically or say over a telephone, then you need to learn about scope, which controls where the player can reach with commands.

[rant=Not applicable on re-read]You can only “inhabit” one character at once. If you want to temporarily change roles, you use “Now the player is Bob.” I think there’s an example called “Otranto” you can look up for a demonstration.[/rant]

You’l have to be more specific about what you’re trying to accomplish.

the idea is, beeing a person in a ship in the headquater and giving orders to a person who is in a other part of the ship. So your standing in the headquater and using a microphone to give commands to the second person.

Would you want the player to see the results of the action? In other words, if you say “LIEUTENANT, GO WEST”, would you want the player to see “Lieutenant Włodzimierz departs to the west” (or “…arrives in Cabin 27” or similar)? This impacts how you’d implement it.

i need to get a thing which is a remotecontrol for a person. and i need to know what the person is doing.

Are you looking for something like this?

"Remote Control" by JRB

The control room is a room. 

The remote control is a thing in the control room. The description of the remote control is "There are four buttons, marked N, E, S and W. A display tell you that the robot is in [the location of the robot]."  

A button is a kind of thing. The north button, the south button, the east button and the west button are buttons which are part of the remote control.

Understand "n" as the north button. Understand "s" as the south button.
Understand "e" as the east button. Understand "w" as the west button.

Before pushing a button:
	place the robot in scope.

Carry out pushing the north button:
	try asking the robot to try going north.

Carry out pushing the south button:
	try asking the robot to try going south.

Carry out pushing the east button:
	try asking the robot to try going east.

Carry out pushing the west button:
	try asking the robot to try going west.

Report pushing a button:
	rule succeeds.
A persuasion rule for asking the robot to try going:
	persuasion succeeds.

Unsuccessful attempt by the robot going:
	say "There is a disconsolate beep from the remote control. The robot has walked into a wall."

After the robot going:
	say "Your remote control beeps, and reports that the robot has walked [noun] and is now in [location of the robot]."
The nuclear lab is a room. The reactor is a room. The reactor is north from the nuclear lab.

The robot is a person. The robot is in the nuclear lab.

Test me with "take remote/x remote/push n/push n".