RemGlk 0.2.6, CheapGlk 1.0.6

Libraries are updated. This formalizes the update of the Glk spec to version 0.7.5. See:

This is a very small update, and in fact I put the changes into the spec document a couple of years ago. I left it open thinking that I would make more changes, but then it just sat there until DavidK poked me about it. Sorry about that.

Spec updates:

  • We specify that a Unicode file stream in text mode should use UTF-8. (This is implemented in CheapGlk and RemGlk. It’s been implemented in GlkOte/Quixe for a while now, so Lectrote is up to date with it.)

  • Graphics windows can support character input. This is an optional capability, and I have not implemented it in any of my libraries, but I’ll get it in eventually.