RemGlk 0.1 (experimental)

One of ClubFloyd’s persistent problems is that Floyd loses output information from the games he plays. Styles, quoteboxes, status line updates, and so on get dropped.

I’ve had a sketch of a solution in mind for years; this week I finally knuckled down and implemented it. Basically, it’s a Glk library that’s sort of like CheapGlk – it streams information to and from another process, rather than to a user interface. However, unlike CheapGlk, it makes all of the display information available. Everything is structured as JSON data objects.

This should enable a better FloydBot. Although there’s quite a bit of work involved on the Floyd side of things, so don’t expect quote boxes to start magically working this weekend.


Now, this is a bare minimum implementation as of yet. I have not tested it thoroughly. I’m sure it has bugs.

Things that work: status and story windows, line and character input, styles, unicode.

Things that do not work: timed input, interrupted input lines, hyperlinks, graphics, sounds.

Things that should work, but I haven’t tested them: hooking RemGlk up to GlkOte to form a complete server-side IF web service.

Happy dance

Ok, I was amazingly wrong about that. Vimes got it hooked up to Floydbot over the weekend. You can now try the new interface on IFMud with Nitfol, Fizmo, Glulxe, or GlkHugo.