remember that show Small Wonder?

wtf was up with that?

According to Wikipedia:

This thread prompted a visit to and wikipedia, because I do remember that show.

An hour later, I was somehow reading episode summaries of The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. This is why I don’t go to and wikipedia.

sig, ditto, lol.

I did remember it, just from the title. Thanks for the blast from the past.

But if you really wanna go WTF, try exploring 80’s cartoons. Wow.

(In other news: I had a crush on the girl in “The Wizard”.)

Heh, I was watching the 1st episode of She-Ra on Netflix with my girlfriend last night. There were two or three moments in that cartoon that had us both going “WTF?!”.

Small Wonder I just barely remember. “Pinwheel” and other stuff on Nickelodeon when it first started was really out there too.

What a dumb premise! The next thing you know, somebody’s going to make a TV show about a guy who takes in a martian who lands on his lawn, and tries to pass the alien off as his uncle. Or maybe a guy whose mother gets reincarnated as an automobile. Or possibly an extraordinarily verbal equine!

No wonder I stopped watching regular broadcast TV somewhere around the late 1960’s – the ideas just get dumber and dumber.

Robert Rothman