Remapping an action to another action with ALL appended

I’d like to remap a transitive action (“clear”) to “take all from”. So for example when the input is:


it’s remapped to:


It doesn’t look like there’s any way to do this with either remapTo() nor replaceAction(). So this is not possible:


modify Thing
dobjFor(Clear) remapTo(TakeFrom, ???)


modify Thing dobjFor(Clear) { action() { replaceAction(TakeFrom, ???, self); } } ;

Is there a straightforward way to do this? Right now, I’m trying to resolve ALL manually by using Thing.getAllForTakeFrom(), and then pass the list on to replaceAction(). But the list includes objects that a regular TAKE ALL FROM OBJ doesn’t include (like hidden objects, fixtures, etc.) It’s also not clear what the correct scope should be for getAllForTakeFrom().

I believe I’m doing something similar in my game. Try the following in your action() method:

throw new ReplacementCommandStringException('take all from ' + name, gIssuingActor, gActor);

I didn’t even consider exceptions for this, let alone looking at the list of library exceptions…

Works perfectly. Thanks!