Relisting rules in 6L02

I’m working on updating some extensions and have run into a problem. The following code produces the following error:

The initialise memory rule is not listed in the startup rules. The initialise memory rule is listed first in the before starting the virtual machine rules.

Problem. The rule initialise memory rule now seems to be in two different rulebooks, which is fine, but those rulebooks are of different kinds, which is not. One is 'Startup'  , which is based on an action name and produces nothing; the other is 'before Starting the virtual machine' , which is based on nothing and produces nothing.

Any ideas what to do? Is the unlisting being ignore? Or why does it think it’s still in the startup rules?

The only thing I can think of is to change the definition of the Startup rules or the Starting the virtual machine activity, both of which are in the middle of a very large section of the Standard Rules.

I ran into this as well. There’s an easy if ugly solution:

  1. Unlist rule A.
  2. Make a new rule B, which you list wherever you want rule A to be.
  3. The content of rule B is just “follow rule A”.

(The fact that this is possible at all shows, to my mind, that Inform shouldn’t be performing the check you ran into in the first place. It just wasn’t built to enforce such a strict standard on rules.)

Oh yeah, that’s the obvious solution. Oops.

Do we think that the fact that it still thinks it’s in the old rulebook is buggy? Any reason not to report it?

Way ahead of you. :wink: