Releasing with Cover Art

I am releasing a story with cover art. However, when the story appears in the browser,
the art is clipped and only half of it shows. When I look at the home page, most of the art shows but the text overlaps the picture, and in my case, can hardly be read because the art is dark. I am using a .jpg file of 120 pixels/inch. The size is 4" x 4".
I have released before and not had this problem. Any help?

Secondary question: Why is a title for the art needed, as in Release along with cover art ("Church Graveyard"). since the filename must be Cover.jpg and the title is never used?

It’s not mandatory and it’s not exactly a title. It’s the alt text which is used when you release a web version of your game.


OK, that explains a lot but not about the sizing. I also noticed that the Release folder now contains ChurchAndGraveyard1.jpg, which is the name of the artwork without spaces and a “1” suffix.
I can get the image to work if I make it 2" x 2" (it just fits) but there should be something in the docs about that.

Sounds like you might possibly have a file duplicated/auto-renamed in your system? ChurchAndGraveyard1.jpg is being populated almost like you called it as a figure in the source text (an image that displays during the game and not the cover) if it’s not named “Cover.jpg”.

See Cover Art

I think your cover art in the materials folder needs to be named Cover.jpg and you can also specify a different or modified Small Cover.jpg which is the smaller version actually displayed in the border on the released webpage. If you click the picture, does it get bigger? If you don’t specify a Small Cover it will scale-down your named Cover image, which I assume might look weird if it’s not square or misaligned somehow?

(“Release/Small Cover.jpg” is a form of the cover image intended for display at a smaller size. In earlier versions of Inform, the author had to provide this: there is now no need.)

You don’t need it since Cover.jpg will scale, BUT you can take advantage of this to specify a different modified smaller thumbnail if your logo isn’t readable or doesn’t look right at the small size.

(You can manually fix this in the release folder without needing to release again, just rename a file or drag in a new cover or small cover with the correct name in the appropriate folder)

Yes, the file name is Cover.jpg, and I did not put ChurchGraveyard in the Release folder. I will remove it and see what happens.