Releasing title

I’ve completed my first release of an IF I’ve been working on. “Limen” was made for a night-time art festival in my city with the theme deep surface. The game explores liminality through a variety of liminal spaces and phenomenons that happen to the player. The game is about exploring, delving deep into the idea of liminality, and about evoking a sense of curiosity and nostalgia. There is also some fun Easter eggs throughout the game!

I would love to have a few testers check out my game before the festival (August 28), so I am posting here! I’m fairly new to this forum, and to writing IF in general (I have written one other, that was for a university class) and so am posting first and foremost to ask how I go about getting interested folks what they need to be able to test the game for me. As of right now I don’t have any “test me” rules written – for some reason it just does not work with my brain to add those, and because the game is short I have relied on my own repetitive playthroughs to work out kinks (yes, this is a flawed system I’m sure). What I would love from any interested folks would be to play through the game to find any weirdness, identify any issues or need for alternative actions/synonyms, and maybe just some feedback on the general experience of the play though. Since this is for end of August, I do ask that interested folks play through relatively quickly! Thankfully it is a short, simple game, designed for an audience of people unfamiliar with the IF platform :wink:

I appreciate any of the help I receive and will be incorporating a “credits” portion to the game for the final published copy at the festival, and I will be sure to include any testers or other helpers!