Releasing a TADS 3 Game

Hey, before the SpringThing deadline properly destroys me: What’s the protocol for submitting a (HTML) TADS 3 game to a comp or IFDB? Do I just send the *.t3 story file? Do I include a copy of QTADS? Do I gotta format some files a specific way and upload it somewhere special to get the “play online” button on IFDB to work?

I’ve never finished an IF game before. Heh.

EDIT: SpringThing has specific instructions, but idk if there are specific stuff for TADS 3 authors to keep in mind. I know I gotta remember to disable the debug flag on the compiler and stuff. Might as well tag @mathbrush while I’m at it.


I’d defer to others with more experience on the authoring side, but as a player I’m used to just seeing the .t3 file (Comp instructions usually take care of linking to interpreters - I’d definitely include a note telling players to use QTADS rather than one of the multi format interpreters though!)

Edit: also, congrats!


For Spring Thing I just take the folders you send me and put them on the website, so it will only have a play online thing if your folders have a play online thing. That’s all I know; I think ifdb automatically plays t3 games now, like Return to Ditch Day. That’s all I know; I’ll probably learn a lot more on Monday and Tuesday as I set this stuff up!


IFComp handles creating a play-online site for TADS 3 games. For Spring Thing you might like to consider something like this:


I’ll put this in a little box and only open it if I actually meet the deadline (which seems likely). Thank you, though, if that branch of causality is what remains after probability collapse! :grin:

That’s valid, lol. I just saw @kamineko’s post, and I’m like “Ah, heck, if Inform authors need to package stuff a certain way, then TADS 3 authors probably do, too, and I gotta figure out what that even would mean.”

I’ll check this out; thank you! :smile:


Okay, I think this would solve the problem and makes sense!