Released Dodo v0.9 -- Authoring System for the CBM 64

Dear all,

It is with some pride that I can finally annouce the release of my first open source project – Dodo, an IF authoring system for the CBM 64 (sic):

This is probably as retro as it gets, and most of the fun programming it was working with the restrictions the CBM 64 posts on you. Dodo provides a bare-bones framework which can handle about a dozen of the most common IF verbs (and is easily extendable) and provides for demons and fuses.

The framework (which is its own interpreter – therefore no Z-machine compatibility!) is written in Commodore’s BASIC, and the scenario itself must be provided by the author in the form of DATA sections and BASIC code. As an example, an implemetation of Cloak of Darkness is provided. Use Dodo with an emulator or The Real Thing™, if you have it. :wink:

Have fun with it, I’m looking forward to feedback of any kind.



This is crazy :smiley: (starting VICE x64 emulator …)