Release failures - Inform 7 Bug?

My story compiles seemingly okay, but when attempting to “read data”, it seems to have troubles recognizing the swedish letters å, ä and ö, making it unable to locate the output file.

Quote from the release script:
“Fatal error: unable to read data: filename ‘C:\Users\Användaren\Documents\Inform\Projects\TestProjekt.inform\Build\output.z5’
Error: unable to open file to be written for web site: ‘C:\Users\Användaren\Documents\Inform\Projects\TestProjekt.inform\Build\StatusCblorb.html’”

(ä is supposed to be ä.)

I say “seemingly okay” because when I type “verify” it says that the file is not intact, and may be corrupt.

(I actually don’t think it’s the last lines that are messed up, because it handles å, ä and ö just fine when it begins the release script. It is likely that somewhere along the way, some filepath conversion somewhere, doesn’t take swedish letters into account.)

This has been reported:

The core ni compiler is failing to handle non-ASCII characters in paths. (Which means that it’s a cross-platform bug.)