Release along with a file.pdf


Release along with a file of "road map" called "test.pdf". This doesn’t work. I got it straight out of the f—ing documentation but it doesn’t work.

[removed a .gif]

Yes, “test.pdf” is in the materials folder.

Still doesn’t work.

Please tell me how to make it work.

UNLESS this does NOT mean that whenever the file is played and there is not a “test.pdf” file in the same folder as the game file then it will create test.pdf with whatever contents I put in there.

Is the GIF really necessary?

I figured since I’m adding files (or want to add but can’t) to a glulx game I’d put something extra in the first post. Hope it hasn’t upset you, or anyone.

Do you get an error message? What is it?

What version of Inform are you using?

the weird thing is, the story description aint even near the issue-giving line.

THIS : Release along with a file of "road map" called "test.pdf". this is the thing that makes the error appear.

[rant]And if this is because there’s a new version of inform and i MUST update… then I might just not even bother.
I’m not getting Windows 10 “because i have to”.
I’m not updating anything “because i have to”.

I’m asking the question about what the issue is as a final chance.

IF is choice. Isn’t it?[/rant]

Yeah, that’s not what it means. It means that the file will be included in your Release folder and given a link on the web site, which is usual for feelies.

However, this is a known bug in 6L38: you should never get an internal error like that. It’s fixed in the new version.

[lengthy loud swearing]

Wait hang the f— on. What’s the point then?

If it’s just a separate document… that I already have…

Why the f— would I need it in the source? Why not just build the game without a reference to it in the source and .zip it up along with the .pdf I made?

If you’re zipping things by hand, there’s not really a point. It’s mostly for if you’re having Inform build a website for you. It copies the files into the right place and links them together automatically.

That makes sense. Can’t use it myself but makes sense.