Release 2 of Lost Islands of Alabaz

Release 2 of The Lost Islands of Alabaz is now available in the usual places. In addition to sending it to the IF archive and, I have set up a version for in-browser play at my website,

Release 2 is a bug-fix release. In particular: you may now, for example, ASK ABOUT QUEST without specifying to whom you are speaking (the game makes an educated guess); the journal no longer tells you about puzzles you have not encountered yet; and it is no longer possible to put the game into an unwinnable state by doing things in the wrong order on Koral. There are a handful of other improvements, none of which change the story or gameplay in any significant way.

I chose to focus only on the most egregious problems that surfaced during the competition. By no means is the game bug-free. If you encounter a bug in Release 2, please email me (preferably with a transcript or at least a copy-paste of the last few moves’ worth of text output, if at all possible).

Later this year, I hope to clean up the source code a bit and release that as well, along with any bug fixes I’ve managed to accumulate in the interim.


Sweet. Thank you!