Release 2-beta of Shuffling Around (tester request)

Well, thanks to lots of really good ideas from reviewers, testers, and so forth, I was able to create a Beta version of Shuffling Around. my goal was to get a full release by the end of the year, but I guess a beta will have to do. I left some debug code in there so people who wanted to, could jump around

Short version:

Latest semi-local (not necessarily stable) version of the gblorb is
Link to project -->
Link to high priority issues (& for people to report issues) --> here

I would especially like to thank Heartless Zombie for his help, as he showed me how to create hashes and how to clean up other parts of the code. If I had planned this out for IFComp, I would have spent a lot less time chasing bugs. Now, in addition to bug fixes, I have more clues for tough puzzles (logical and descriptive,) more to ask the old man about, and more in the notepad.

Oh, and the gadget/slider are merged with colored text. And I also allowed for a lot more shortcuts, and I hope they are indicated adequately in the game. If not, they are

r and c for rectify/certify, or
rc/cr to do both.

Hinting is also souped up with an item that lets you see into the future and see what you need to flip. I know this code can’t be perfect, so any bugs people find will save me a ton of time. As much as I want to check everything I do, unfortunately, at some point I just sort of get flooded and need someone to kick me with bugs that should be obvious.

Other stuff:

–last lousy points each of the sections. The introduction had one, and so did the resort, but the others did not. Now they do. Maybe it will be fun for people that enjoyed the game.
–I also tried to put in small jokes and new scenery and so forth, and some new dialogue, too. Hopefully it will wind up not seeming overdone. I didn’t put it in unless I laughed at it. Hopefully the descriptions clue things better.

I am interested in anything people have to say, and don’t feel shy about reporting issues. But I want to see if there are any huge bugs re: playability, useful abbreviations, etc. Stuff that is not too hard to code, but stuff people less familiar with the game will see immediately.

Basically, anything you find and I fix, no matter how small, gets my gratitude and, if you want it, a mention in CREDITS.

Happy new year to all!

Why are we seeing “not for release” stuff? Or is that intentional?

It is still a beta. So I’d like the player to b able to jump around if he can find bugs.

But you’re right. I should throw in more documentation to explain this.