Registering the player holding an item in a certain location

Okay, I have a spot in the game where I want the game to perform a special action when he enters “Warehouse Block E” and is carrying the "Small Torch. What would be the source code for this?

In I6 or I7?



New to I7 myself but the following might be of help to you. It works by using a check rule on the player going to the warehouse block from any direction (I think, though I’ve only put one room link into the example). I’ve put in the example of shots ringing out and the player being killed, but it could be anything - I guess it could even trigger a scene.

[code]The Holding Area is a room.

The Block is south of the Holding Area.

The small torch is a thing in the Holding Area.

Check going to the Block: if the player carries the small torch begin; say “Shots ring out and you fall to the ground, dead.”; end the game in death; end if.

Test me with “s/n/take torch/s”.[/code]

Hope this helps.