Here is a new one – at least for me.

I have a game that has several regions. In order for the player to successfully complete his/her play, they must find one item in each region and give it to the “Tax Collector”. It appears to me that in order for this to happen, I must have a Tax Collector in each region. This means I have to create a separate TC in each region as it appears I can not move one TC across region boundaries. Is this correct or am I confused again?

Can I create global characters that will span region bouneries?


Sure. I’m a little confused by what you’re envisioning, but it’s possible to move any character to any room with a “now X is in Y”.

It’s also possible to create a region that encloses other regions: The House Region can be in a Neighborhood Region, along with the Neighbor’s House, the Park, and the Grocery.

What have you been trying that’s giving you trouble?

I didn’t know about the Now X is in Y construct. I’ll give it a try. Thanks, Greg.

Oh, that’s very important. Check out 8.11 of the documentation, and chapter 8 in general. (As section 8.7 says, “Move X to Y” should also work in this case.)

Like God, the tax collector is omnipresent.

Robert Rothman

Actually, my problem was quite a bit simpler than I had imagined it: All I had to do was move the tax collector off-stage then back on when I need it again. :unamused: