Regions being confused with rooms

Inform 7 seems to get regions confused with rooms easily. I have a region called Bibliotheca, and Inform 7 is confusing it with the component room Bibliotheca Oblitus. Curiously enough, if the program is getting hung up on the rooms called Bibliotheca Porta and Bibliotheca Amissum, it isn’t saying anything about it.

This has actually been a recurring problem, but this is the only one where I can’t think of a better name for the region. I also have places like “Maple Town outskirts” and “Maple Town heart” which are both part of “Maple Town,” but the program doesn’t seem to understand that either.

As a general rule in Inform, don’t give something a name that’s a subset of another entity’s name; Inform allows you to refer to objects by partial matches, so if you refer to Maple Town in the code it may not know whether you mean Maple Town or Maple Town Outskirts or whatnot.

The solution is to call your rooms something different, and if necessary change their printed name property so that the player’s experience doesn’t change.

I usually append Region to region names if this happens (e.g. Maple Town Region). If you want to stick with the Latin you could call it the regio bibliothecae or such.

Since region names are never printed (by default), you can call them anything you want without worrying about the player. Biblio-region, etc.