Regarding various issues with "Play Online" this year

Hi folks,

We’ve been having issues with the IFComp web software this year where it’s been making incorrect assumptions about which file it should present when a player clicks a game’s “Play Online” button from the ballot page. We fixed this a couple of weeks ago ( … -long-time).

I apologize for these errors. I want authors to continue to feel confident with whatever they upload to the comp, and I am going to improve the web application’s tests so that these problems do not recur in future years. (In fact, with a volunteer tech team larger this year than ever, I hope to make a lot of “off-season” improvements to the app, but not breaking things is job #1.)

In the short term, as the above-linked blog post says, please try “Pogoman GO!” again if you tried it earlier and got only a static webpage that didn’t link to a playable game. Furthermore, if you try any other game’s “Play Online” button and see something that clearly isn’t the author’s intended effect, please let me know about it.