regarding the remapTo() macro

so i have my container, a venus fly trap.

to get the blue key which is inside his mouth, i need to first give him a steak.

everything works, but i want to be able to “give steak to venus fly trap”

right now, i can only “put steak in venus fly trap” which sounds silly.


I’m always making mistakes with remapTo. The first thing I forget is that to remap to a verb with a direct and/or indirect object you need to make sure to include them both in the macro, or you’ll get a runtime error.

So, you could remap to a verb with no object like so:

dobjFor(Climb) remapTo(Up)

Remap to a verb with a direct object (self) like so:

dobjFor(Climb) remapTo(Push, self)

And in this case, we want to remap the verb, the direct object and the indirect object (self), like this:

iobjFor(GiveTo) remapTo(PutIn,DirectObject,self)

Which hopefully gives you what you want. Note that we’re remapping ‘iobjFor’, since the venus fly trap is the indirect object in this case.

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