Regarding the 2020 IFComp Author's Forum

Just a note - I’m aware people have already requested access to the IFComp 2020 participant group and private author forum. We’re still currently waiting for the IFComp entries to all be validated by the organizers, then we will begin authorizing requests.

Jacq has informed me that she has a list of forum handles for many entrants, so we will be adding those automatically when the time comes. If you do not receive an invite/notification after the judging period opens, you can make a specific request from the “groups” section of the forum under the hamburger menu. There should be a button to request access for the IFComp 2020 group.

Good luck to everyone who is locked and loaded for the Comp! Please remain seated with your arms, legs, and various otherworldly appendages inside your vehicle at all times. And no flash pictures, please - we are frightfully sensitive to bright lights…