Refresh browser make variable change?

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Twine Version: 2.35.0
Story Format: sugarcube

In New Game passage, I want to append players choice and story again and again.
linking to New Game again, there’s no problem.
but when I refresh the browser, $Gamelog return to ‘’ that I set in StoryInit passage.
Can I make the browser remember appended variable?

:: New Game
<<type 20ms>>
My Lord!!!

<<link "Uh? What the!!">> <<include "Turn">> <<replace "#Gamelog">> <<= $Gamelog>> <</replace>>  <</link>>

<span id="Gamelog"><<= $Gamelog>></span>
:: Turn
<<type 40ms>>
<<set $Gamelog += "\n\n"+"some texts>>

There is the memorize function here which takes a key and value and makes it persistent across game restarts. I’m not sure exactly how to use it though.

I already tried memorize and recall but it didn’t work.