Reference the randomly chosen row in a table

I am referencing a table with only two columns, books and text.

Here is the code I’m working with:

Check reading books:
	if Table of Science Books is empty:
		say "You've perused your texts enough." instead;
		choose a random row in the Table of Science Books;
		say "In [/i][book in table of science books][/r] you read:[paragraph break][text in table of science books][line break]";
		blank out the whole row instead.

How do I reference the randomly chosen row in the say statement that follows?

I haven’t tested this to confirm, but I think you can just use “[book entry]” and “[text entry]” once you do the random choice.

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I can’t quite tell what the name of your column is but I think it would be [column name entry]. You don’t need the “say”.

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That seems both intuitive and unintuitive at the same time.

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I mean that’s kind of the blurb for Inform 7 right there :slight_smile: