Recurring 'Playing the Game - Failed'

I’ve been getting the following error:

[code]Playing the Game - Failed
The application compiled and ran your source text, but the resulting game caused the interpreter to fail. This should never happen.

If you can reproduce this problem, please report it to David Kinder, the maintainer of this Windows build of Inform 7.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
And it seems to be becoming more frequent as my game grows larger. I’ve finally figured out how to make it happen predictably, too, though I still have no idea what, if anything, is actually wrong with my code.

Has anyone encountered this, and knows a workaround?
Or does anyone know how I could contact David Kinder?

[edit]The game runs fine and behaves as expected in other interpreters. It’s just the one built into inform that crashes.[/edit]

That sounds like a hard interpreter fail that the game does not have a template for.

What are you doing that makes it occur predictably?

I had some weird stuff happen when I had relations affecting way too many objects in the game, or too many adjectives that could apply to every in-game object.

It’s possible you may be hitting one of the set limits for memory - usually this will tell you straight out what it is, but if you’re causing some kind of loop paradox the compiler might not know how to proceed. Sometimes this can be corrected by setting certain parameters higher than default, but I’d be afraid to suggest which ones without knowing exactly what’s happening.

It runs in an interpreter? Are you sure you’re not running the last “good” compile of the game when you last published? I always thought if the inform interpreter crashed that publishing the game would as well. I may be wrong - the Windows version may be different.

Definitely report the problem to David Kinder.

The compiler isn’t crashing. It’s compiling just fine. It’s the interpreter built into the IDE that fails. It’s not a usual run time error either. It seems like it’s either emitting bad instructions that don’t crash frotz or quixe; or there’s a bug in whatever emulator the IDE is using.

It seems to crash on a specific command (most of the time). But, if I do something else first, it does not. It happens to be the second command issued if I’m just speeding through the opening of the game. So, ‘A, B’ would crash, but ‘A, wait, B’ does not.

My email address is in the “Bug Report.txt” file that’s installed with Inform 7, or send me a PM here.

Great! I didn’t make the connection between the user name and the real name… though it seems kind of obvious now. I’ve sent you the source.