Recurring Events Based on Clock Time

I am trying to have several events that repeat every “day” at a specific time. For example, if I write:

At 5:00 PM:
say “The bell rings.”.

When the game clock passes 5:00 PM, the text will print to screen. However, if I wait another 24 hours, the same text will not print again (nor will other events). It’s as though the command was single-time and not recurring. How do I get the system to consider the command to be recurring everytime the clock passes my designated time?



As far as I know there is no built-in mechanism for triggering events every day at the same time. However, it’s not hard to implement yourself: one way to do it is to have each timed event schedule the next one. See this previous thread, and my second post there in particular.

Thanks, a slight modification to your code worked for me!


I also highly suggest the extension Cleared Events by Daniel Stelzer, which if you’re using set events, gives you the ability to “unset” them as well. It’s on github. … Events.i7x

Or for a really simple (but also unoptimized) method:

Every turn when the time of day is 9:00 pm:
    say "It's nine o'clock!".

This is a good method if time is being advanced in the usual 1 minute steps (although I had to add a “pm” to the time for it to compile). Otherwise it breaks down because the event won’t fire unless you land exactly on the right time. In a story where actions take longer than a minute, you could miss it. Using the built-in timed events mechanism helps with this problem, giving you 30 minutes of leeway (see WI 9.11).