Recruiting collaborators or writers? London IF Mixer July 5

I am putting together a London Meetup the evening of July 5 with a specific focus on hiring and being hired, at different levels, to work on text-based and dialogue-heavy game. There will obviously be a networking component, and I’ve also got a few speakers to talk about different aspects of this kind of work. If you’re London-based and interested in this in any capacity, you’re welcome to join us; it will be more formally announced when I’ve finished the speaker lineup, but if you’re subscribed at … tion-Group , you will hear about it.

I do also want to use this opportunity to spread the word for anyone who is seeking IF writers to work for them, whether or not you have someone in London, and that’s why I’m posting here: if you hire or would like to hire experienced IF authors, and you’d like to be represented in some fashion at this meetup, let me know at and I will follow up.