Recommended games based on which comp games you like

If you liked one of the comp games and want more games like it, here are some suggestions:

Brain guzzlers from beyond: Hunger Daemon, Chlorophyll
Map: Photograph, Tapestry
Midnight. Swordfight.: Moments Out of Time, Pytho’s Mask (these ones are a stretch)
Birdland: Bell Park, Youth Detective; You Will Select A Decision
Cape: Earth and Sky 1-3, Mere Anarchy
Sub Rosa: Dreamhold, Savoir-Faire,Ultra Business Tycoon III (for similar world-building/feel)
Scarlet Sails: Attack of the Clockwork Army, Plundered Hearts
Untold Riches: Love, Hate, and the Mysterious Ocean Tower; The Light: Shelby’s Addendum
Final Exam: Return to Ditch Day, Delusions
Ether: Dual Transform, Coloratura

Add your own! Many of these are lame, and I only had enough time for the first ten.

I’m really curious at the recommendation of Dreamhold from Cape – want to talk about it more?

Sorry! That’s meant to be for sub rosa. I fixed it. Lol

The King and The Crown: heavy psych meds, horse tranquilizers, a bullet.

But in all seriousness, it’s cool that you’re compiling a list of things you like…
… my question is, wouldn’t it be better to include tags on IFDB so people who like a certain type of game get shown all the other similar games that are like it in some way to be the same sort of?

Because I thought that’s why we had databases… but I may be wrong. I’ve been wrong in the past - though I may have been mistaken.

I don’t know that anyone ever uses it, but IFDB actually has a mechanism to suggest related games that players might also enjoy. On any game’s page, scroll down to “Related Games” and click on “Suggest a game”.

It would be nice to see people start using this, actually. The automatic suggestions based on user ratings are pretty useless.

I’ve added a few suggestions for similar games, but it suffers from combinatorial explosion. As for tags, that’s the main reason I’ve made so many lists on IFDB, so that people can find games similar to ones they like.

While I do like my suggestions, I also hope other people could submit suggestions. For instance, is there anything like War of the Willows out there?

And Wes, your game actually reminds me of Fate; you’re a royal looking for royal things (like a crown), and your actions affect a distant epilogue, with a lot of hidden content as well as angst about your predecessors and family.

Is this for Scarlet Sails?

Yes. In my defense, I have had 5 or 6 large pieces of pie today. I don’t think pie has an effect on the human brain, but I’m beginning to suspect…

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