Recommendation Required!

I am off on a vacation to Canada for two weeks.

I will only have ios devices during my trip (iPod Touch and iPad).

Can anyone recommend a couple of IF games for my trip?

Comparative beginner level please!

Something to cover the five hour or so flight, and something to keep me occupied when relaxing in a hotel room or going on a long five day or so road trip through the Cabot Trail.

I think it goes without saying, I won’t really have the materials to do lots of mapping!

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, All,

I’d suggest The Dreamhold by Andrew Plotkin, which is long and lovely, and “The Warbler’s Nest” by Jason McIntosh, which is short and artfully creepy.

Have a great day!

Brendan Desilets

The following games are all Comp length (so, estimate two hours of playing time) and are all solid, well-written games with various niceties for smooth beginner-player gameplay:

Emily Short’s Bronze doesn’t require mapping because of its built-in “go to [name of location]” command.

Admiral Jota’s Lost Pig has few enough locations to not really require mapping.

Jeremy Freese’s Violet is single-location.

Thank you for your help both of you!

By the way Mr Desilets, saw you on ‘Get Lamp’ earlier today, very interesting perspective on the implimentation of IF in education!

The games that come installed with the Frotz app should give you plenty to chew on!

Hi, Octofuzz,

I’m glad you enjoyed the If and Education material in Get Lamp. It was great fun working with Jason Scott, the film’s director.

Have a great day.

Brendan Desilets