Really quick one : removing (closed) or (open) alternative

So, in the following case, kind of curious:

On the table is a chest (closed).


You can see a Chest (open)

Off the top of their head, does anyone know if there’s an alternative to :

Rule for printing the name of the Chest:
	say "chest";
	omit contents in listing.

In order to remove (open) or (closed). This feels a bit…hacky.

Is there is a rule I can turn off/change/does nothing to get rid of that (closed)/(open) generally when something is being listed in the room/on a supporter?

Am assuming it’s this rule :

[Rule “you-can-also-see rule” applies.]

But I’m loathe to mess with it.

Thank you!!!


Sounds like it’s an ‘activity’.

Rule for printing room description details of the chest:  stop.

Writing with Inform S18.16.

For every object, you can say

Rule for printing room description details:  stop.

I hope this helps, but to be honest, I was not able to create a chest that was listed as “chest (open)” in the room description, but when I took the chest, it was listed as such in my inventory. In this case, you could say

Rule for printing inventory details of the chest:  stop.

From S18.17. You can surmise that you could just say ‘Rule for printing inventory details: stop.’ to cover every takeable object.

I hope this helps.


Thanks! I will experiment!

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No prob.

Indeed, it’s:

Moreover, you can add your own (text in brackets) by adding:

After printing the name of the worn amulet while taking inventory, say " (around your neck)"
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If you’re looking for something generic to suppress (closed)/(empty)-

Rule before printing the name of a container:
	omit contents in listing.

Thanks everyone!! Really appreciate the replies.