Realistic combat extensions?

I’ve recently started a text adventure project that focuses on combat, one of the main focuses being the ability to attack different parts of an enemy body. I’m not talking excessively realistic like Dwarf Fortress’s combat, with the fingers and teeth and whatnot. Just simple things like the head, body, arms and legs.

So… To my question, are there any updated and working extensions in Inform that kind of match my idea, or are vaguely similar at the least? Also if there’s a way to achieve this without the requirement of extensions, that’d be grand.

Inform ATTACK is a great extension, it doesn’t quite allow for that level of specificity, but I bet you could tweak it into something close to what you have in mind.

Realistic combat would mean that after one hit you’re dead or incapacitated, so it wouldn’t really make too much difference where :wink:

Thanks! I’ll go check it out. :smiley:

Well, I installed it, but when I tried to include it into the IF, there were several errors coming from the extension itself that I didn’t understand.

Did you get the most recent version? If so, you need to have it and the “Inform Attack Core” extension. I use an older version, coupled with Inform 7 Build 6G60, and it works fine. But you may not wish to downgrade just for that.

Alrighty, are there any documentations or example IFs that I can test the extension out with?

Not currently unfortunately. The best example of ATTACK is Kerkerkruip, but it is also very complicated and changes a lot of ATTACK’s defaults. But Victor and I are both active on the forum here to answer any questions about it.

Well, I’ve got both the normal and the core ATTACK extensions installed, decided to test for any errors by creating a simple room with a basic description, and this error popped up:

Any ideas?

Do you have Inform 7 version 6L02 (or 6L38)? It looks like “ready” is using the new verb syntax introduced in that version.

EDIT: Never mind, if you had an older version the icon on the error screen would be different.

If you end up deciding to use an older version of ATTACK and Inform, I can send you a sample game.

I do have the latest version as well as the most recent version of the extension too.

I’m sorry for the state that ATTACK is in right now – we have been using it ourselves for Kerkerkruip, but we haven’t done a good job keeping it accessible to others. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it. You can. But I’m afraid you’ll notice that the manual is quite of date, and as you’ve already seen, the version in the ATTACK github repository doesn’t compile for the latest Inform.

The version of ATTACK in the Kerkerkruip github repository, on the other hand, does compile. You can find it here: … 20Gijsbers

Once you click on an extension, choose the RAW button, and then save the file without the .html extension your browser might want to append to it.

If you have any question, please ask them!

Cool, thanks! Saved the link to check out later.