Real Date and Time vs. Quixe

The documentation for the Real Date and Time extension says that Quixe should be able to handle it, and indeed I seem to remember loading up the example game in Quixe and seeing the real date and time appear right there.

But that was a long time ago, and when I tried it out tonight it looked like the player’s time was not available in Quixe (worked fine in Gargoyle, though), whether I tried it in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Has something happened to Quixe in the interim? Or has something happened to me?

Are you using an older version of Quixe?

Hey, apparently I am! Let’s see if that helps…

But does that mean that in the past, I was using a newer version? Because that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

UPDATE: Works fine now, thanks very much!

The version that comes with I7 is old, but you can install the current version in Inform/Templates and then the compiler will use it.