re: XYZZY voting concerns

A recent topic about the XYZZY awards voting had me scratching my head: Is XYZZY voting open? Is there a public poll?

I believe discussion about “polls” concerns the unofficial “For your consideration” polls for nomination suggestions hosted by the Interactive Fiction Database (IFDB). … are_now_up

I would like to point out that these unofficial polls on the IFDB are independent of the XYZZY awards - the XYZZY nominations are not decided by the polls on IFDB and could be games which are not listed by those IFDB polls.
The XYZZY awards have their own nomination voting form which is separate from IFDB. XYZZY nominations are a secret ballot. XYZZY voting is independent of IFDB voting. Votes on IFDB are not representative of votes in the XYZZYs and vice versa.

The IFDB polls are just suggestions for games you could nominate for the XYZZY awards. Any member of IFDB may add games to those polls.
IFDB registration is free. It isn’t intended that people vote for games in the “For your consideration” polls (sometimes people vote by mistake) - the polls are just editable lists so you can share suggestions.

XYZZY now has rules allowing them to address “zombie” voters. They also have access to more data than the general public has, e.g. the referrer that brought them to vote. Cases like this are reasonably easy to detect; I don’t think we need to worry about it.

I am a teensy bit worried about the lack of updates on I really would have expected to hear something by now…