Re-printing Room Name/Description

I’ve been searching every for an answer but haven’t found one yet, so I figured I would ask here. I’m really hoping this is an easy fix.

There are multiple instances in the game I’m currently writing where the room name or description are altered. When this happens I would like for the player to be aware of the changes by having the game print out the name and description of the room again, but I’m drawing a blank.

Here’s a silly example I’ve been using to test this out:

Body parts are a kind of thing. The eyes are body parts. The player carries eyes. Understand "my eyes" as eyes.

Instead of dropping body parts, say "Let's not start falling to pieces here..."

A person can be blind or sighted. A person is usually sighted. The player is blind.

Visibility rule when the player is blind:
there is insufficient light.

To print the location’s description:
	if the player is blind, say "Everything is dark.[line break]".

Instead of opening eyes:
	say "You open your eyes wide.";
	now the player is sighted.

Instead of closing eyes:
	say "You close your eyes tightly.";
	now the player is blind.

[The first room]

An unfamiliar place is a kind of room.

The printed name of an unfamiliar place is "Unfamiliar place".

The Bedroom is an unfamiliar place. The description of the bedroom is "[if the player is on the bed]Placeholder text.[otherwise]Standing placeholder text.[end if]"

The bed is scenery in the bedroom. The bed is a supporter. The bed is enterable. The player is on the bed.

After examining the bed:
	now the printed name of the Bedroom is "Bedroom".

So in the above example, I would like for the room name/description to be reprinted when the player opens or closes their eyes, and after examining the bed. Does that make sense? Is there an easy way to have Inform do this?

You can trigger any action directly using “try”. In this case, the action that prints the room name and description is “looking”. So you’ll want:

try looking;

THANK YOU!!! I knew I was probably missing something obvious- this is exactly what I wanted!