Re: Glulx Game for Mobiles

I am having a contest with a large prize. A freeware game is on the site for those
who want to see what the game is like. There will be a small fee to enter the contest game.
I created and modified a website with I7 and I have the following Links:

Story File for desktops (Blorb, 1.2MB)
Story file for mobiles (ulx, 1.1MB)
Freeware Game Pkg (zip, 9.8MB)
Contest Game Pkg (zip, 754KB)
How to Play (pdf, 612KB)
Freeware Solution (zip, 173KB)
Play In-Browser (link)

I’m not sure if iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook and other mobiles can download zip files and unzip them…
PCs and Macs no problem of course

What I might have to do is submit the .ulx file as an app to apple, Barnes, and amazon

I appreciate any feedback.