Re: Feu de Joie (serialized IF): Session 2 uploaded

Hey all, so I’ve just released the first installment of a work of serialized IF called Feu de Joie. From the IFDB description:

Future installments will continue this story, and there’ll be ways to engage with the story outside of the HTML of the “Sessions” themselves. (I won’t say this is an ARG by any means, but it has some ARG-lite elements, perhaps?)

This is also the first work I’ve done that seems like a good fit for Patreon, because of its serialized nature.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy playing and reading it!

Wow, I had no idea Dunsany wrote those essays. Looks really cool!

Yeah it’s been fun to dig into his body of work, which is astoundingly wide ranging.

The story continues…

Patreon to help support it if you’re interested:

(In the boring taxonomy department, I’ll continue updates in this thread, even though they’re separate entities in IFDB. And sometimes there will be smaller updates with other pieces of “found” noninteractive text. But the Sessions kind of walk the line in that regard.)