Ratings now working in ParserComp

That is all. Go to it.


My super computer gaming laptop is still cooling down after working on the itch software.

I would suggest that everyone verify their initial ratings. It doesn’t appear that they are lost but it would be worth a check.

Thanks to everyone for their patience!


And we’re over the one-vote-per-game mark in under a day (including the test and qualified game,) which is a strong start. Here’s hoping for another few vote dumps as people say “Oh hey look! Ratings work now!”

Thanks to the administrators for tracking down what needed to be tracked. Hopefully whatever broke on itch.io’s end will get fixed so another jam somewhere on the other side of the internet will now go smoothly.


It was totally @fos1 who fixed it. He does the useful stuff around here, like work the super computer. I just flap about and make the tea.


Thank you for the compliment.

Christopher does most of the heavy lifting, always has great ideas and how to implement them.


I’m still seeing 7 games without ratings as I write this. Though the average number of ratings per game is about 1 now.

I’m not sure how many games I’m going to get through in the judging period, but definitely intend to prioritise targeting my attention at those looking for more ratings.


Yes, it’s really cool that itch allows us to do that!

Certainly during IFComp, votes being private requires a bit of mental calculus if you want to try and give certain games exposure. While some of that isn’t hard (a homebrew or relatively-unused-in-IFComp parser, for instance, probably means very few votes, and games with more reviews almost certainly have more votes) it’s still great to have that bit of guidance.


A heads up to @ChristopherMerriner and @fos1:

On my analytics page at Itch, I’m showing 0 ratings, but the submissions page shows 2 ratings. I don’t know if that means trouble for the ratings or not at the end of the comp, but I thought it was something you might want to gander to make sure ratings are actually sticking.


Teflon-coated ratings? Whatever will itch surprise us with next…


If I understand correctly, the way itch works is your dashboard analytics are showing ratings from your game home page that casual people normally post, but jam games have a separate entry page with an entirely different set of ratings that apply to the jam. I believe the rating type depends how the player encountered your game - via a normal search to your game page, or via the jam submission route.


What @HanonO said above is correct. I’ve published 11 games on itch.io and only have 2 ratings, yet each game received far more ratings than that in the relevant jam/comp it was entered in.

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