Ratings needed for Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024

There are only two weeks left to play and rate the games entered in Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024. There are only ten games, all games are free to play and most of them can be played online. You only need to be registered on itch.io to rate the games and I’m sure that most people on here are already registered.

There are only 18 ratings so far. As organiser, that’s a bit of a concern for me. I know that most people rate the games during the last few days of the ratings period, so my concerns may be unfounded. I’d like to see at least 10 ratings per game. That’s not an unreasonable expectation, but 20 would be better to ensure a statistically sound basis for the final scores and awarding of prizes.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re part of this community and you want to draw more beginners to our hobby, then get in there, play the games and rate them before 31 May 2024.


I’ve spammed people I know about it :joy:
I only have 2-3 more games to play before I’ll add my votes.


I found the difficulty level and length of the games to be higher than in the past. I have one more left to play and review, and then I should be good for ratings. TALP has a lot of subcategories so voting feels like a little more of a time investment than simple one-category voting, which is why I’ve been putting it off to the end.

That said, I’ve really enjoyed several of the games this time around.


Dare I say it, this is another thing that is slightly intimidating for beginners, not having much sense of what different scores represent and not wanting to get it wrong!


The issue of itch.io voting is that you can only name a category

There is no space to explain what it means or how to judge it.
It is however on the jam description page: all the way down the page…

(my sidebar is that little grey line on the left-handside)

During the voting period of the jam, it might be helpful if this section is moved up to the top of the page so it is easier to see?
Or maybe just the category explanations?


Move voting blurb to top of page? Excellent idea! Done.


I meant actually in discerning the levels of excellent / / / / poor - but sure it’s helpful to bump up the voting as well! :rofl:


We’re up to 45 ratings, so things are starting to look a bit healthier. There’s still a long way to go, though.


There’s just one week left to get your votes in. We’re up to 50 ratings. Let’s see if we can hit 100, that’s an average of 10 votes per game.


Just one day left to get your votes in. We’re currently at 86 ratings and I’m still hoping to hit 100.


Only 8 hours left to wrap up voting for this year’s Text Adventure Literacy Jam!

If you played any of the titles, please consider spending the 60 seconds or so to vote on the game. As the vote is broken into categories, it really allows each author to see where they did well and where they have room for improvement. This means voting is a kindness to the participants, more than one of whom are first time authors, that worked hard writing these games for us and for people new to the genre.

If you haven’t played any of this years TALJ submissions yet, there’s plenty of time to play one or more if you have any time on your hands this afternoon and evening.

Thanks for engaging with us year after year. It’s been 4 years of TALJ, and we’re really starting to build a good catalog of TALP games.


Woohoo! The results are in. I’ll start a new thread on this in a moment. We eventually had 114 ratings. 90% of the games had 10 or more ratings, so that’s a good result. Thank you to everyone who took the time out to play and rate the games.