Randomly-generated graffiti

As a bit of flavor, there are spots in the game I’m authoring where one can read some graffiti etched into the surface of the wall; every time the player looks at it, it randomly draws from a pool of phrases. I’m not terribly imaginative, so I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for phrases here? Anything short, funny, and if possible, memorable, will do perfectly.

“Kilroy was here”
“If you can read this, you’re too close”
“Wash me”
“Romanes eunt domus”

Capitalism Is Dead
Frodo Lives
This is not graffiti

“Clapton is God”

“eat my dump” (actually seen in child’s handwriting on the side of a church)

“For a good time call Susie”
“Vote Nixon/Mondale”
“The truth is out there”
random names like “Ramone”, “Leonard”, “Francis”, “Alonzo”

Seems like it depends a lot on the atmosphere of your game.

Here’s some actual tags I’ve seen around Philadelphia:

el toro

Many of the above have illustrations that generally go with them - Malic has an aggravated-looking bald guy, El Toro has a cartoon bull, bloopa has a balloon-shaped guy with buck teeth, and MORG has a cracked toilet.

Here’s a few of them:
flickr.com/photos/malic_maa- … otostream/

And some Banksy (it’s not likely that Banksy will sue you for stealing his work!):

If graffiti changed anything, it would be illegal
If at first you don’t succeed - call an airstrike
“One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings” - Diogenes
This’ll look nice when it’s framed
You concrete me
I remember when all this was trees
Forgive us our trespassing
EAT THE RICH* - *with our new 2 for 1 offer including choice of wine

^Nice! Is it mostly stickers in your area?

IIRC, there was a tagger around here called Leche who drew milk cartons; sometimes he’d sign them “soy leche”.

There’s a lot of stickers and wheatpaste, especially on the street but there’s also some spraypainting and stencils. The spraypainting is more around the train lines. We’ve got a lot of Toynbee tiles too. There’s also a bit of knit-bombing.

ishknits.com/rocky-statue-ya … ladelphia/

lol @ vote mondale! :laughing:

Dude, I’ve seen the El Toro and Darth Vatoe tags before when I’ve visited my family in Philly. I’ve only ever seen a couple Toynbee tiles, though those are pretty awesome (and vaguely creepy). Anyway, some of these are definitely making their way into the game, thanks!

No one has mentioned “Andre the Giant has a posse” yet.

Or, even better (sorry, I’m not really a Shepard Fairey fan), “Mr. Brainwash.”

“Neck Face”
“I don’t want the world, I just want your half”

Consult your IP lawyer, though.

Oh, and of course:

"Candle Jack was h

“Ken Sent Me”? :blush:

These are good, guys! Thanks for the suggestions!

How about “There are eels in my hovercraft” or “Lorem Ipsum”