Random off-topic observations

Because this if the off-topic forum, I assume an off-topic thread is not off-limits. And since I really wanted to share that spam message I just received with someone, I’m going to start such a thread. Which I have hereby done.

I have been getting a lot of spam lately. Job offers, penis enlargement, the usual stuff. But this is hands down my favourite:

Sinister implications! :open_mouth:

“lady fingers they taste just like lady fingers”

Time for another random off-topic observation. I was idly looking through the referrers to my website (that is, the URLs from which people navigate to my website), when I saw that someone had come there from a search engine query of “grote fallussen”, which means exactly what you think it does. Turns out that this search query has my review of Aristophanes’s Lysistrata on the first page. :neutral_face: I have some doubts whether the visitor was satisfied.

That’s precious. :slight_smile: