Random Glk sighting of the week

moviecode.tumblr.com/post/833807 … episode-18

(No spoilers in discussion, please. I haven’t seen this episode because I want to catch the new Cap America movie first.)

Now we know that glk is the top choice of all superheroes and their slightly more mundane brethren.

That’s excellent. :slight_smile: I wonder if there’s a fan on the inside, or if you can just google for “complex-looking code” the same way set dressers buy pretty books by the shelf-foot.

That’s super neat! I hope you don’t mind being referred to as “some guy I know”, Zarf. (As in, “Some guy I know’s code was used in a recent episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!”)

It’s not my code; it’s Andrew Hunter’s code.

Oh! Well don’t I feel silly.

(Does he hang around here, too?)

I wonder if they hacked in using any of CocoaGlk’s bugs?