Raishall- Path one beta

Hi everyone, this is Raishall that was originally le petite mort ectocomp entry a couple of years back. Given the time limit I couldn’t put everything I wanted to into it so have been working on it since then. Only the first path is currently playable (second one still needs finishing up to make it playable.) Recommended to play with the black background for atmosphere and images (can be changed in the settings, unfortunately the default is the light background setting.)

If anyone has any thoughts, bug reports, typos etc would be appreciated! Still working on the alternate path (It’s a flipped perspective). If anyone is interested in testing that when that’s done please let me know also.

(Note: This game will most likely be submitted to be considered for inclusion in Hosted Game’s library at some point. If anyone providing feedback would like to be listed as a beta tester please let me know :slight_smile: )

Game link