Rainbow Bridge - John Demeter

A charming little puzzle game, but I would have wished for something deeper. I never felt stuck for too long, which is pleasant, but none of the puzzles really blew me away, either.

I especially feel like the relationship between Gabriel and Demeter could have had more to it. They’re just a happy couple. I think adding more knick-knacks around the cabin could have told the story of how they found each other, what their conflicts/differences are, etc.

Similarly, nothing really critical was at stake in the story. Instead of finding a seven-part key, maybe a character problem could be resolved over the course of the story?

I agree. I enjoyed it, and was happy to run across something well-written and not too frustrating or long at this point (I did a randomized list, and it’s been interesting), but it would’ve been nice to see things like the characters or settings fleshed out a little more. Wanting to know more is a good sign, but it was a little bare-bones.

(Though, I’m skeptical of the idea that every story needs a conflict. It’s widely given advice, and depending on how you interpret “conflict” can be broad enough to work, but I wonder if it limits the kind of stories that get told. And given how much people tend to use story to interpret the world and themselves, I think it’s important to have a wide variety out there. But that’s a complete aside.)

I have posted a review and some transcripts here: blog.templaro.com/review-rainbow-bridge/