"Raiders of the Holy Stones" is out

Hi everyone,

I just released “Raiders of the Holy Stones”, an interactive fiction. It is written in Inform 7 and can be played with a glulx interpreter.

“Raiders” is a classic puzzle text adventure. The story pays homage to the science fiction pop culture of the late 1970s. In an adventure through time and space it is up to the player to save the day.

It is the translation of the German text adventure game “Jäger der heiligen Steine”.
Many thanks to all the people who contributed to this project.

The game can be found here: https://ifdb.org/viewgame?id=knnhsf9bde5y9fk



Sounds like fun. I will add it to my stack of games. Thank you.

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1970s sci-fi? That sounds right up my corridor! I’ll check it out!


Ok,that sounds great, very much fun.