Quoting fun

Trying to get a link to appear with quotes, like the player is saying it, but also want to put a variable in the middle referring to the player name. The link should read with quotes: “Hello, I’m $Playername, what can I do for you?”

I know how to do this without the variable, like below, but can’t figure out how to get it to read the variable and also appear as quoted.

[["\"Hello I'm $Playername, what can I do for you?\""|Intro 2]]

It is best to use curly quote for the dialog part rather than the straight ones. It makes it easier to differentiate, and Twine doesn’t see those as code quotes, but just regular characters.

As for the variable:

[[" “Hello I'm " + $Playername + ", what can I do for you?” "|Intro 2]]

Thanks this will come in handy

You can use single quotes too I think.

[['"Hello I'm $Playername, what can I do for you?"'|Intro 2]]