Quixe with header and footer

I’ve noticed that while it’s easy to set up a Quixe page that uses the entire browser window (all of the examples do this), it’s rather difficult to set up a “classic” web template with a fixed column width, a header, and a footer.

I had to work this out when putting the four Hat Mystery games on the PR-IF web site. I figure I should document what I did, so that nobody has to repeat my work. (Like, for example, me six months from now.)

I’ve added a section to eblong.com/zarf/glulx/quixe/ which links to sample files. For example:

eblong.com/zarf/glulx/quixe/i7-o … /play.html

This is a do-nothing Inform game, but it runs in a web page with a header and footer.

You can release a game like this by installing this I7 web template in your Inform Templates directory: eblong.com/zarf/glulx/quixe/OneColumn.zip

(See the I7 manual for more about web templates: inform7.com/learn/man/doc395.html )

I should add that I have a similar setup for Parchment and Z-code games. However, it doesn’t use the mainline release of Parchment – I had to hack on the Parchment code a lot to fit it into this format.

I believe Dannii intends to support this kind of thing in a future Parchment release, but (I hope) not by importing my (very hacky) code directly. So I could release this, if people wanted, but it’d have a big “use at own risk” label on it.

Thanks for improving Quixe. The day is drawing near when I will finally be working directly on the web-based solutions that pulled me into this forum and back into Inform to begin with.


I spent quite a bit of time doing something similar for the new Textfyre portal with a few differences. I have a static header section and location name section, the scroll bar is hidden, and the footer contains the input box. Of course my template doesn’t expect text to be continually appended, so it serves a slightly different pattern.

Even so, when it’s stable, the CSS and HTML might be useful to others and I will share. The rough sample is at beta.textfyre.com. Only Cloak works for now and there are bugs.

David C.